Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Catching Up

So remember how, at the beginning of the month, I said I'd have a lot of content relating to Ingmar Bergman up? Well, that's true, I just forgot to link to all of it. And, honestly, I did hope to have some stuff here, but life being what it is, it got in the way. Anyway, be sure to catch up with my new Hulu-centric column at Criterion Cast, this month looking at some exclusive-to-Hulu (at least in the U.S.) Bergman films by clicking here. Longtime readers will notice it's basically a port of my attempt at a regular column here, now with the benefit of deadlines to keep me in check!

Additionally, I've written a series of reviews for Battleship Pretension, including Frank Capra's Lady for a Day on Blu-ray, Criterion's new Blu-ray releases of The War Room and Letter Never Sent, Visconti's Bellissima (discussed further at this very blog in the post immediately below this), and the wildly captivating My Joy.

That should just about get us caught up, I'd say. Also of note is that I'll be attending the TCM Film Festival this year for the second time, and more excitingly for the first time as press. As exciting as your SXSW, Toronto, and certainly Cannes (someday...) festivals sound, TCM Fest could not be more up my alley, presenting as they do an array of classic films in magnificent Los Angeles theaters along Hollywood Boulevard (including the Cinerama Dome this year!) for four full days. I'll have more to say once we get there (it starts April 12th; my coverage will begin around the 10th), but the films that have already been announced are already so enticing, and if they keep up with last year's pace, there are still many more to come. If you're in the Los Angeles area (or can be), I highly recommend attending at least a couple screenings - individual tickets are available at the door for $20 a pop, which isn't cheap, but considering what you can get for that money (say, a Q&A with Kirk Douglas preceding Spartacus at Grauman's Chinese, which happened last year), it isn't ridiculous either.

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