Friday, November 2, 2012

AFI A-Go-Go! and Other Housekeeping Measures

Not that you were likely expecting a sudden flood of content here, given the state of things (sorry, as always, for the paucity), but I'll be at AFI Fest from now through Thursday, and you can follow all of my ensuing coverage at Battleship Pretension. Already posted there are reviews of Olivier Assayas' Something in the Air and Christian Mungiu's Beyond the Hills (as well as an overview of the whole dang festival), and at CriterionCast I review Leos Carax's Holy Motors (from which comes the above image). All are excellent, well worth your time and, I would say "money" if they festival weren't free. But for those not in Los Angeles, yeah, it's worth that, too.

If you're in the mood for something a little more homebound, and you refuse to be limited by various region-coding measures, why not take a look at a recent Masters of Cinema Blu-ray release? Their new edition of Fritz Lang's The Testament of Dr. Mabuse is really extraordinary. And even if you just have a Region 1 DVD player, you can still enjoy their DVD edition of Samuel Fuller's two-fisted newspaper saga, Park Row.