Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

I love movies of all shapes, sizes, races, religions, and creeds, but boy do I love the TCM Classic Movie Film Festival. I attended last year for the first time (I was in another state in its debut year, gimme a break) as a member of the paying public, and even though I damn near went broke along the way, the joy of being there for a cinephile is indescribable. You'll find few more respectful, adoring audiences, and TCM puts on a show worthy of that response. Their programming is exceptional, and each screening is given an introduction by a member of the TCM family (Robert Osborne whenever possible) or an expert in a field to which the film could be assigned. When possible, they also bring in people associated with the film to discuss it, which makes for some unforgettable evenings (or afternoons...or mornings...oh, such early mornings). The whole affair has the glitz and glamour and allure of classic Hollywood with the films that defined the era, and the medium. And as massive commercial ventures go, TCM Fest is one I really, truly believe in and am overwhelmingly passionate about.

If you find yourself in Hollywood this weekend, do make an effort to catch a movie or two (or ten, or...), and for more on what makes it so great, check out my new piece at Battleship Pretension, where I'll be posting extensive coverage in the days/weeks to come.

P.S. Pictured above is Charles Vidor's 1944 film Cover Girl, which I caught earlier this year at the New Beverly. While it is not what one might term a perfect film, it is absolutely what I would term a great one. If you have the chance to see it this weekend, or ever (but, man, especially on the big screen), do make a point of it.

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