Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For All Those Wondering How the Academy Can Come Up With Ten Films...

I've seen 90 movies that were released in 2009, and I've only got one to go (Crazy Heart) before I call it a day and put together my Top 10. Now, granted, a) I'm late, most people posted their lists weeks ago, and b) that's not that many movies compared to critics. Well, a) Portland gets a lot of December releases in January (and beyond - The White Ribbon and many others will not be able to be considered for this year), and b) Considering I'm paying for these things out of pocket, seeing 90 films is pretty damn good.

Anyway, all of this is to say that I made a "to be considered" list of films that I would have no problem putting in the Top Ten, most that I actively WANT in the Top Ten. It's a list of 30 films. If any Academy member can't find ten worthy films to nominate this year, that Academy member has not done their job. Hell, even leaving out several foreign films that I'm told are ineligible, that's still...probably twenty or twenty-five films.

I'm just saying.


b said...

I am just shuttering at the thought of even more bloat in the Oscar program...though maybe it will force them to tighten their belts in other ways.

Scott Nye said...

Yeah, unfortunately, instead of cutting out the damn songs, they decided to cut out the honorary Oscar from the main ceremony, which for people like me was a big highlight of the evening.