Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A "Punch" in the Smarts

So I'm not going to say I regret going to see Sucker Punch. It's pretty rare that I really regret seeing anything, as I'm a movie guy and this is very much the movie of the moment. But it does lend itself to some good thoughts about where we are as a society in empowering women. I'll say that when I was watching it I wondered to myself, "this is what passes for female empowerment these days?" Luckily, the response by and large has been "nope."

I get into that a little bit in my review over at Battleship Pretension, but deal more with the film as a whole. If you want to really dive into the film's gender politics, Monika Bartyzel of the wonderful Girls on Film column at Cinematical really just guts the film and examines the remains.

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