Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eighty Thirty Next Saturday...

Per Glenn Kenny's open suggestion, I finally got around to watching Joseph Losey's These Are The Damned. It was introduced to me as a fine bit of sci-fi/horror, and I will simply leave it at that in terms of content description. It's an absolutely stunning film, with one of the more...ahhh I shouldn't say. Let's just say I was not expecting it to be so...haunting. It's also incredibly brave in its structure, particularly by today's standards - the game isn't given up until fifteen or twenty minutes before the end, and without any sort of "twist" to necessitate its positioning, and we don't even have a hint of what the game is until...halfway through the film? Even better, it's the rare revelation of a very compelling mystery that absolutely pays off.

It's available on DVD in a box set of Hammer Films, and you can get it through Netflix (it's paired up with Never Take Candy From a Stranger, which I regretably didn't have time to get to).

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