Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fun With Miis!

Having recently acquired a Nintendo Wii, my girlfriend and I felt compelled to fill out our Mii selection (Miis are avatars you use to play various games, typically Wii Sports). In addition to populating it with friends and loved ones, we decided to include famous directors, actors, and characters from some of our favorite movies. See if you can guess (with a hint or two), leave your answers below, and be sure to head over to Misfortune Cookie Blog to see the rest!

1) There are rules.

2) Abides

3) British actress who has been aged backward and forward, but narrowly dodged immortality.

4) American director who loves hot rods and spaceships.

5) All you need is a gun and a girl...

6) ...but watch out for the cops!

7) Has high-contrast dreams

8) Young version of an American actor...more along the lines of motorcycles and pianos than motor homes.

9) My window taught me to frame things

10) Some would say he's sold out, but that WAS a really solid decade before that.

11) Bronx-born director often associated with working in London

12) Will someday play Conan O'Brien

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