Saturday, November 5, 2011

AFI Fest A-Go-Go!

I'll be updating this daily with links to my daily AFI Fest pieces at Battleship Pretension, and I'll keep this page active as I post future reviews directly tied to AFI Fest, so feel free to bookmark away!

Day 1 - Green, Young Hollywood Panel, and Miss Bala

Day 2 - Snowtown, Restless City, Michael, and Rampart

Day 3 - The Dish & the Spoon, Almayer's Folly, and Melancholia

Day 4 - The Turin Horse, Pina, and Coriolanus

Day 5 - With Every Heartbeat, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, The Artist, and Cafe de Flore

Day 6 - Jeff Who Lives at Home, shorts program, Alps, and The Loneliest Planet

Day 7 - Silver Cliff and goodbye!

Interview with Sophia Takal regarding her debut film, Green.

The Turin Horse

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