Saturday, January 7, 2012

Godard, and Women, and Music, and Film

The great, priceless organization known as Cinefamily is performing a public service by exhibiting Jean-Luc Godard's astounding Week End now through Wednesday, followed by some of his best stuff from the 1960s January 20th-26th. Those will in turn be accompanied by his latest (and supposedly last) film, Film Socialisme, which I've not yet seen but am, naturally, dying to.

If you haven't seen these, I couldn't possibly urge you more strongly to do so now. I'll be trying to make it to Week End at the very least (if this damn cold ever lets up), which is showing in a new 35mm print, and has heretofore only been available in a rather shabby DVD edition. For those who don't live in the Los Angeles area, all of these are available on very good DVD or Blu-Ray editions (yes, even the Studio Canal release of Contempt is pretty fantastic).

And, well...they're masterpieces. It's been said (and I don't recall where, but the sentiment is wide and pervasive) that Godard's films are better discussed than watched, and I hope the following will disabuse you of that notion. Few directors have so consistently reminded us of what we love about the movies.

(Clips from A Woman is a Woman, Vivre sa vie, Breathless, Pierrot le Fou, and Band of Outsiders)

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