Thursday, October 29, 2009

New AVATAR Trailer Tells You What You're in For

Normally, I don't give much credence to the trailer for a film. It's the last thing that'll actually sell me on seeing a film, and typically, if I can avoid it, I won't even watch it. I'd rather keep as much of the film a secret as possible.

But sometimes, these things are unavoidable. Sometimes, the geek side reawakens, and I have to see whatever new trailer they've put out. Avatar is such a case.

And whatever you're thinking about the film at this point, the new trailer seems to put it all out there. The story is completely laid out for you, most of the dramatic turns are covered, and we get glimpses of what is almost certainly the final battle. Apparently a lot of people who weren't sold by the first trailer are flipping over this, so if that's the case for you...hey, there's hope yet. I'm still as enthusiastic about the film as I was before seeing it - this simply confirmed that it's going to be pretty awe-inspiring, balls-to-the-wall stuff. And after catching the first trailer in 3D, I gotta tell makes a HUGE difference.

I honestly don't really care that the story is pretty much ripping off Dances With Wolves. This is partially because I've never seen Dances With Wolves (I've never really cared for Kevin Costner, and the idea of spending three-to-four hours under his artistic vision is a pretty uncompelling premise), and partially because, as I've said many, many times before, nearly every story that can be told has been told. I'm much more interested in how it's told. And with the technology being used here, and even more, the WAY it's being used...sold. Sold, sold, sold.

Oh, and for all you nitpickers, yes, I could tell the difference between the computer-generated people and the live action people. There were some shots where I wasn't sure. I do hope there was a reason they went one way or another for a given scene, because I don't really see the point of shooting live action otherwise. But,'s a long trailer, but it's only three-and-a-half minutes of what is supposedly a three-hour movie. I assume there is other information at some point.

You can watch the trailer below, or even better, head over to Dave's Trailer Page to download it in HD.

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not getting by with the bait-and-switch scott, its still october damnit, and i want a movie review!